in Sedona

by my friend’s computer, so I can not type in Japanese.

I am in Sedona, actually day 4.  original idea was my friend Tomoko and her hubby wanted to go with their baby, then asked me if I could go with them because I ve been Sedona so much time. they left Sedona already but I am staying at my Sedona friend IRU’s house.

this time’s Sedona, we went to Cathedoral rock. it was really hard climbing. included not only  me who has still little bit disability with left leg, but also 2 year old baby (Tomoko’s baby). all of our member needed to let go our fear some how. it was great view and great experience.

after they left, IRU took me to a Mandara Artist AYA ‘s house. we saw his great Mandara work which has 108 (this is sacred number, but actually in his mind 144 which is 12 x 12 some important number) we talk about a lot of things mostly he taught us about Sacred Geometry. I ll write if my English ability will be better, his site is

and later, we took photo of  the moon rise at the Red Rock Crossing.  it was really beautiful moment. and visited Robert’s community house to see another Sacred Geometry work. Robert is the person who is filming Drunvalo Melchizedek who is the auther of the “Flower of  Life”. we are talking about Drunvalo and sacred spot in the world. it was fun too.

this trip to me, is really something about Sacred Geometry things somehow. I d better learn little bit about it, I think.


in Sedona」への4件のフィードバック

  1. 雅代ちゃんのエナジーが飛んできたのか、数日前にドランバロのメッセージに字幕付けました。
    セドナの話聞くの楽しみにしてます☆love, yukiko

    1. ただいまー。すっごいおもしろい旅でした。これからいーーっぱい ひろがるよー、由紀子ちゃん!

  2. なんか不思議。。。

    1. おもしろいですよー、みかさん。


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